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Incorporation time frame

When you incorporate a co-operative, the steps need to be completed within a specific time frame. These time frames differ in each province. However, no matter which western province you are incorporating in, the process always starts with reserving a name for your co-op. Likewise, the process always ends with the first annual general meeting (AGM).

The following chart outlines, by province, the steps and time frame for each western provincial incorporation process. Are you in western Canada and want us to handle incorporation for you? Click here to learn how we can help.

Time Frame for Incorporation by province

Time FrameBritish ColumbiaAlbertaSaskatchewanManitoba
Name reservation to filing Articles56 days90 days90 days90 days
Incorporation to BylawsIn BC, bylaws are submitted with the articles as the memorandum and rules of associationWithin 180 days Approved at the first AGM Must be filed within 60 days of member approvalMust be submitted with Articles of Incorporation and approved at the first AGM within the 4 months following incorporationWithin 18 months Approved at the first AGM
Incorporation to first Annual General Meeting (AGM)Within 3 months of incorporation unless approved by the registrarWithin 18 months of incorporation Within 4 months of incorporationWithin 18 months
First AGM to next AGMAt least one meeting must be held in each calendar year within 4 months of the fiscal year endThe earlier of 15 months after the previous AGM and 6 months after the fiscal year endWithin 6 months of the fiscal year endWithin 15 months of first AGM
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