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Free Online Governance Course

Learn how to better govern through our online governance course

Take our FREE online governance course. For a co-op to be successful, its members must be able to answer the basic governance question for their business: who gets to decide what?

This course examines how to do just that. In the course, we look at three key ideas:

  1. Ensuring people work well together
  2. Creating a successful view of the future
  3. Building legitimacy

Using real world cases in our online governance course, we discuss how these ideas translate into practical features, such as board structure and shareholder or member engagement. Through it all, we explore how to get the right people making the right decisions.


“This course has greatly increased my understanding of what good governance could/should look like and how each part (boards, management, members) plays a vital role in the co-operative’s success.”


“This course was highly enjoyable, and relevant to working in not only the co-op space, but with any group that needs to make decisions.”


Enjoy this tool on our online governance course? Then you might enjoy our tool on creating a conflict of interest policy, or our blog on good governance in times of crisis.

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