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Sample Manager Job Description

This sample job description is not the property of any business, rather includes information commonly found in a variety of job descriptions. Businesses using this sample should customize their Manager job Description to reflect the needs and capacity of their organization.

Manager Job Description, Sample Marketing Co-operative

The Manager is responsible for the successful operation of the co-operative within the policies and direction set by the board of directors. The Manager is responsible for overseeing staff and the successful delivery of services aligning with the best interests of the membership. The Manager must maintain a superior level of financial reporting, acting as ex-officio on the board of directors. The Manager must be able to make recommendations on policy and process and problem-solve under pressure.

Position Title

  • Manager


  • To represent the co-operative and carry on its business in a way that supports the co-operative’s operation and success.
  • To efficiently allocate the co-operative’s human, financial, and material resources to successfully meet the co-operative’s mission.


  • The Manager will carry on the business of the co-operative under the direction set by the board of directors and will act on the board’s behalf in all matters related to the co-operative’s operations.
  • The Manager will be the highest authority among staff, contractors, and consultants within the co-operative.


  • The Manager is accountable to the Board of Directors to achieve the goals of the Co-operative including:
    • Development and delivery of the co-operative’s services
    • Promotion of the co-operative and its member’s products
    • Maintaining satisfactory records of human resources, finances, and evaluation
    • Community and public relations
    • Communication among the membership
    • Budgeting and financial reporting
    • Compliance with relevant legislation and all regulations
    • Strategy development and policy recommendations
    • Support for the Board of Directors


  • The Manager must develop good working relationships with the following stakeholders:
    • The Board of Directors
    • The members of the Co-operative
    • Staff
    • Consultants or contractors
    • The Media
    • Relevant support organizations
    • Relevant government departments
    • Suppliers
    • Key markets

Essential Skills

  • The Manager must have skills in the following areas:
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Financial management
    • Human resources management
    • Strategic planning
    • Expertise in the marketing and sale of pulse crops and procurement of farming supplies
    • Reporting to a board of directors

Relevant Skills

  • Proficiency in these areas will be highly valued:
    • Public relations and communication
    • An understanding of co-operative businesses
    • Various marketing platforms
    • Networking and relationship building
    • Conflict resolution


  • $50,000-$75,000; negotiable; depending on education and experience.

Application Process

  • Forward CV and cover letter to Clayton (
  • Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

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