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How to start a co-operative: a step-by-step guide

Starting a co-op? This article provides a step by step guide on how to start a…

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How to name your co-op: a by-province guide

One of the first steps to incorporating a co-operative is reserving a legal name for the…

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Choosing a business structure: A questionnaire

Co-ops are different from other corporations. How they are different is generally found in the way…

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What is a steering committee, and what does it do?

When starting a co-op, one of the first things you should do is form a steering…

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Creating an action plan

So you’ve formed a steering committee. Now what? Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming….

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Transitioning a Business to a Co-operative

Why think about transitioning a business to a co-operative? Many business owners are thinking about retirement…

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Co-operative Members and Governance

The foundation for any co-operative is its members. Co-op members can support their business financially by…

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Choosing a Co-op Type

Choosing a co-op type is an important step in developing a co-op. Co-operative businesses use a…

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Hosting a Community Meeting

Early in the process of setting up a co-op, meetings provide a group the chance to…

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Focusing Ideas for Your Co-operative

When forming a co-operative, there are often more people to work with and more ideas to…

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Co-operative Business Model Comparison with Other Models

The co-operative business model combines the best of small business ownership and a corporation. It often…

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Building Consensus

Building consensus in a co-operative business can be important for its sustainability, especially in the early…

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