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Annual Meeting Checklist

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important event for co-ops. It provides a forum for the co-op to report back to members, elect directors, and shape its future. A great AGM will accomplish all the business that needs to be decided, inform and update members, and (hopefully) leave everyone energized and excited about the co-op’s future. 

Hosting a great AGM takes work. This checklist will help you identify important tasks, plan a focused, informative, and engaging AGM, and make sure you don’t forget anything. You should adjust this list to suit your co-op.

4-6 months before the AGM

  • Create a process for accepting director nominations
  • Begin preparing financial information for the annual audit
  • Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an auditor or confirm recommended auditor for member approval
  • Set a date for the AGM
  • Request committees identify potential decisions that need member approval

3-4 months before the AGM

  • Select a meeting venue and reserve the space
  • Request reports from relevant committees and officers to include in the annual report
  • If applicable, prepare a budget for board and member approval

2 months before the AGM

  • Make arrangements for food and speakers
  • Identify all audiovisual requirements and locate the necessary equipment
  • Board approves all necessary reports and resolutions including:
    • Reports to be included in the annual report
    • Recommendation of auditor
    • Proposed resolutions
    • Budget
  • Issue a call for nominations
  • Set the agenda for the meeting
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Notify members of the meeting date

1 month before the AGM

  • Issue formal notice of the meeting to the members
  • Confirm presentations from speakers including:
    • Chair
    • Manager
    • Treasurer
    • Committee chairs
    • Auditor
    • Guest speaker
  • Compile annual report for publication
  • Prepare speaking notes and an annotated agenda for the meeting chair

2 weeks before AGM

  • Ensure all materials are available to members on the website
  • Complete a seating plan and system for registration (e.g. print sign-in sheets)
  • Confirm arrangements for food, guest speaker, audio-visual equipment
  • Check-in with meeting space staff

A few days/the day before the AGM

  • Complete a test run of the AGM
  • Finalize all speaking notes
  • Set up the meeting room and test audiovisual equipment
  • Forward instructions to relevant board members and staff (e.g. seating plan, roles, speaking notes, special requests)
  • Assemble AGM packages for members

Day of the AGM

  • Arrive early and perform one final check on the audiovisual equipment
  • Check-in with speakers and answer any final questions
  • Delegate tasks to staff and volunteers (e.g. distribute package, monitor sign-in sheet, coordinate food, support for board and guest speaker, tech support)
  • Ensure there’s extra seating available and extra AGM packages for members
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