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Who runs the Co-op Creator

Co-operatives First manages and maintains the Co-op Creator site. As an organization, they promote and support business development based on the co-op model. This site is a key tool in supporting new projects.

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Who funds the site

The Co-operative Retailing System and Federated Co-operatives Limited funds Co-operatives First. The funding is part of a unique initiative designed to support economic development in rural and Indigenous communities across western Canada. Besides the resources here, the organization provides in-person and distance supports. The supports range from the funding of feasibility studies to bylaw reviews and financing plans to facilitated meetings.

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Who should use the site

Leaders hoping to capitalize on an opportunity. If you have a business idea and are considering a co-op, you’ve come to the right place. The Co-op Creator makes available every tool and resource you will need to realize your idea. Presented in an user-friendly format, the site makes the process easier and less frustrating.

The Co-op Creator is one example of the free tools and services we offer.

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