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Board of Directors Evaluations

The board of directors is central in a co-operative business. The directors need to be able to make good decisions to ensure the co-op remains healthy, and they should work to improve their knowledge of the business and how best to run it.

Understanding where a board is performing well and where it has shortcomings is important. It will help the board figure out what it can do to strengthen its ability to make good decisions. A great strategy for a board is to do an evaluation of its progress and capacity.

This is an exercise boards can use to evaluate themselves in a planning session with all directors or with an expert consultant.

Board of Directors Evaluations

On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being ‘Very Poor’ and 5 being ‘Very Good’), rate the board’s performance on the following:

Identify the top three to five challenges, opportunities, or issues the board should work on right now:
Issue 1:
Issue 2:
Issue 3:
Issue 4:
Issue 5:

Build on these three issues by filling out the following table:

For more information check out The Common Share podcast. Episodes 3 to 7 deal with different aspects of board governance:

Episode 3: Why we need governance

Episode 4: Getting people involved in board governance

Episode 5: Working board versus Policy board

Episode 6: Dealing with conflict on a board

Episode 7: The importance of board diversity

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